Newnes Plateau


1. MIST CAVE, TWIN-ARCH CAVE, . Allow 4hrs. Easy.

Take the Bells Line of Road towards Lithgow and stop at the Zig-Zag Railway at Clarence (Lithgow GR418922). Turn car odometer to zero (0). Drive out along the Old Bells Line of Road, crossing a rail line and passing Clarence Hardwoods sawmill, for about 8km before turning right onto the Glowworm Tunnel Road. At about 11kms on the odometer you should come to the Bungleboori camp/picnic ground on the right side of the road. Continue along the Glowworm Tunnel road till the odometer reads 25km. You should now see on your right the turnoff to Galah Mountain firetrail (Cullen Bullen GR433101). Ignore this and continue along the Glowworm Tunnel road till the odometer reads 28.5km. Keep an eye out on your left for the next 100m for a clearly defined firetrail with a slight rise initially. The Grid Reference for this is: GR422129 (Cullen Bullen First Edition 1:25000 series). Turn left onto this firetrail and drive west for about five hundred metres till you see a spot on the right where you can park your car; do so. There is a small NPWS here saying "Rehabilitation Area, Walkers Only". Walk along the firetrail to its end where there is a vehicle barrier. Continue through the barrier along the now overgrown firetrail and along a foot track till you come to a large pagoda. Itís worth climbing the pagoda for extensive views over Carne Creek. Back track off the pagoda and sidle round and down itís south side and over to the left under the next pagoda which brings you to the Mist Cave (GR414124),which has climbing bolts up one wall and a loop of chain bolted to the roof. It's only a small overhang about nine metres wide and two metres in depth. About one hundred metres south of Mist cave there is a small creek indicated on the map. Beside the creek on itís northern bank is the amazing Twin Arch Cave; GR415124. This cave is huge with a three metre plus wide hole in it's centre wall through which you can clamber. The arches on the south side of the hole are enormous; well worth viewing. Please do not bolt or desecrate this site in any way.

Twin Arch Cave

Twin Arch Cave © Allan Wells

2. GLOW WORM TUNNEL. Easy. Allow half a day from Clarence.

This involves a long drive (36km) so take plenty of drinking water and some food. Follow the directions for the above walk but instead of taking the firetrail to Mist Cave just continue to the end of Glow-worm tunnel road where you will find a parking area with toilets and a National Parks and Wildlife information board. Make sure you take torches with fresh batteries for the walk through the glow worm tunnel. It can be a bit rough, wet and uneven underfoot in the tunnel so just walk slowly. The glow worms are incredible and remind one of a very starry night when the torches are turned off.