The Bush ClubA friendly Sydney-based club offering a wide variety of mainly day walks.

The Sydney BushwalkersThe name says it all. A wonderful friendly club established in 1927.

Recommended Books

ChockstoneTips on knots, abseiling, climbing etc from this excellent rockclimbing site.

Ray Jardine Adventure site Supplier of great kits for sewing your own lightweight gear such as fly (tarp in Yankee-speak), tent, backpack, sleeping quilt etc. Highly recommended.

Questoutfitters Fabric supplies Supplier of outdoor fabrics, hardware and kits for tents, packs, drybags, rainwear, clothing etc.

Zen Stoves Information and easy instructions for making your own super lightweight stoves out of drink cans etc. I've made quite a few of the meths burners and wind shields out of Coca-Cola cans
and they work as well as my Trangia at a fraction of the weight (and cost!).

Make a Drink Can Stove This is really my version of a zen stove made out of a single drink can but doesn't involve using epoxy.

Adventure Alan's Ultralight Backpacking Ultralight bushwalking information.

The Ultimate Ultralight Backpacking Book Go to the bottom of the contents column of the Hikelight home page to obtain this free book of tips on ultralight bushwalking.

Penny Wood Stove. Easy instructions for building Mark Jurey's outstanding wood-gas burning stove from a tin can. Just a couple of handfuls of twigs will give you two cups of boiling water in 9-10 minutes and continue to boil/simmer for quite a while. You'll be amazed at how efficent this stove is. Just a small amount of ash is left at the bottom. Mark's Penny Alcohol Stove is the best meths stove I've used and is quick and easy to make out of two soft-drink cans. The simmer ring, made out of a can top (designed by one of Marc's correspondents), works a treat.

Bushwalking In Australia Official site of the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs. Has a lot of good advice and reference material for bushwalkers.

Blue Mountains Wildflowers An excellent site for photos of native plants often seen in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains mtb rides A good source of local mountain-bike rides.

Some bike rides near Sydney Dave Noble's extensive list of bike rides, including multi-day rides.

Blue Mountains Canyoning Excellent site of Dave Noble of Sydney University Bush Walkers (SUBW) fame.

Canyoning Near Sydney Tom Brennan's excellent site on my favourite bush activity (if only I had the energy for the climb out!). This site is full of helpful information. His bushwalking site is also very good.

Dingo Gap Gallery Peter Medbury's information on various walking locations, accompanied with great photographs, make this site well worth exploring.

National Parks and Wildlife Service

Animated Knots by Grog The name says it all. A great site for learning knots.

Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group A tutorial site for knots used in rescues.