Looking around Lawson

Topo Maps: KATOOMBA 1:25000 Second Edition

While more of a mid-mountains town Lawson does have some attractive old style walking tracks on both sides of the railway line. The trick to getting into North Lawson is to cross the rail overpass bridge from the highway. See the sketchmap below.

1. Lawson Station, St. Bernhards Drive, Picnic grounds, Dante's Glen, Empire Pass, Fredrica Falls, Hughes St, Lawson Station . Medium.

2. Lawson Station, St Bernhards Drive, Dante's Glen, Fairy Falls, Lawson Station. Easy.

3. Honour Avenue, Adelina Falls, Junction Falls, Federal Falls, Cataract Falls, Honour Avenue. Easy Coming from Sydney turn left into Honour Avenue just as you go over the top of the hill with the railway station on your right. Head down Honour Ave until you see Livingstone St on your left. Park the car somewhere around here and take the track as indicated on the sketchmap below. This is a delightful walk although the old tracks are in a dilapidated state. This walk can be linked up with Terrace Falls, Victor Falls and Bedford Creek, south of Hazelbrook, to make a pleasant day trip.