Turtles For Sale

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Some hatchlings and juveniles

The number of turtles I have available for sale depends on the time of year.

Adult turtles are usually available from September to May. During the coldest parts of the year they cannot be disturbed. Hatchlings normally start appearing between February and April each year.

Hatchlings are very popular, because they can be kept indoors in an aquarium. Due to their popularity, and the limited number available, they sell very quickly each year.

Turtle Species Available


Please Note

Baby turtles are very cute and very small, but they do not stay that way. Hatchlings survive quite well in an aquarium whilst they are young.

After their third winter indoors, they must be moved into a large outdoor pond.

Freight Is Not Available

At this point in time, turtle sales are strictly personal pick-up only. 

I am located in the Lower Blue Mountains. I am not prepared to freight any turtles.