1999 Presentation Night

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pres07.gif (63454 bytes) The 1999 Rovers Baseball Presentation Night was held on the 13th of November at The Cooks River - Newtown Rugby League Bowling and Recreation Club.

The night included great food and drink, a visit from Santa (aka Daprin) and some very good and pretty bad Karoke singing.

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Big Darren - Checking out his stats


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Dave, Matt & Mitch

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Rob, Scott, Chris & Paul


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John, Sandra & Katrina


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Chloe, Santa & Pigdog (Scott)


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Taxi Please !!!! -  Julie & Gordon


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The Doo-Whop Girls

Karen, Katrina, Sandra, Marg & Nicole.


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Ken, Corey, Jackie, Tracey, Matt & Andrea.


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Brian & Jackie

Don't they make a lovely couple hey Marg.


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Sandra & Darren

What song were they singing - "Going to the Chapel"

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Phil our barman


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Andrea & Jackie


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A Star is born - Corey