Quilting Back to Front - for hand or machine quilters
Duration - full day Skill Level - beginner to advanced
Learn how a new approach from the back can add exciting quilting to any quilt - even if you don't think you have a creative bone in your body. No quilting stencils, no marking quilt tops. Students will explore the hidden potential of printed fabrics to be quilting design sewing a series of samples which can be assembled QAYG into own project. Class covers all aspects of fabric selection (what's good, what's not and why) plus more. Sample backing fabrics supplied.
   Quilting Back to Front for beginner quilters
Duration: full day
Basic yet challenging and stimulating, this introduction to straight line and machine-guided quilting is different since all the quilting is done from the back not traditionally from the front. Nothing is assumed as the theories are put into practice and working on samples means everything does not have to be perfect the first time ­ near enough is fabulous with this new and innovative approach.
   Applique Back to Front - Duration: full day
Quilt first, then machine applique and quilt in one simple process easier faster better with no-mark placement, no glue, no fancy sewing; everything is straight stitched making it easier than ever before to combine machine quilting with applique. Information packed. Basic quilting skills assumed. Choice of patterns. QAYG assembly.
   Back to Front: a new approach to applique and quilting- Duration: half day
This fast paced overview / demonstration is information rich with lots of quilts to tell the story. Class will learn to accurately measure and mark a grid (for sewing at home), prepare applique shapes and explore the hidden potential of printed fabrics to be quilting designs. Easier ... faster ... better ... make more quilts in less time (by hand or machine)
   Easy Peasy Piecing - Duration: full day
Tradition with a twist; A fun challenging but easy class of slicing, dicing and sewing that magically transforms rectangles and squares of fabric into in an amazing collection of stunning but recognisable blocks. No maths, no templates, no special rulers! Leave with a bundle of blocks and a plan for completing project at home. Choice of patterns and projects.
   Quilt? What ? Where? - Duration: half day
This is primarily a design class where the focus will be to explore the varied effects of different quilting. Using my own quilts as examples, class will explore the theories applied to real quilts. Students are encouraged to bring quilts and unquilted tops for discussion of problems and solutions..



  • INSPIRED STEPS: traces Larraine's addiction
  • A CONVERSATION WITH COLOUR: explores Larraine's approach to colour

Larraine enjoys teaching and has a real talent to inspire- aiming to increase quilter's confidence in themselves and their quiltmaking by increasing their skills on the sewing machine. Specialising in machine quilting and applique, Larraine travels the planet inspiring everyone with her no hassle Back to Front approach. Day, evening and weekend workshops / classes available.

Check prices and availability with Larraine; phone 61 (0)2 4739 4294 or email: