Back to Front is a clever and innovative approach to quilting that both hand and machine sewers can use to add exciting quilting to all types of quilts even if you don't think you have a creative bone in your body. Quilting is literally done from the back of the quilt with the quilting design coming from the pattern printed on the backing fabric. This totally eliminates the need for stencils or the tiresome chore of marking quilt tops whilst adding pizzazz to the most ordinary quilt top.

Back to Front quilting can sometimes be as simple as following the outline but more often it will require some forethought, planning and creative interpretation to bring out an interesting quilting pattern and this is where the book and classes can help.

QUILTING BACK to FRONT - fun & easy NO-MARK techniques

    • published by C&T Publishing, 2001
    • 64 inspirational pages in full colour
    • hints and tips of what fabrics are good and what's not and why
    • dozens of quilts and practical examples
    • fabric swatches and samples
    • for hand and machine quilters
    • no quilting stencils or marking quilt tops
    • create unique, one-of-a-kind quilts
    • makes quilting hard to mark quilt tops a breeze

Everyone can learn to quilt Back to Front and will be hooked once they realise what it is they are seeing. Click on any of these Back to Front quilts to see the fantastic results for yourself.