'olleh' from the BACK TO FRONT quilter from Down Under

Welcome to my topsy-turvy world of Back to Front quilting and applique. You'll be inspired and amazed to find a fabulous new Back to Front approach means you can finish more quilts in less time with far less stress ... and completely hooked once realise what it is you are seeing.

How was I to know that when I took up quilting as a hobby, it would change my life forever!

Although my own approach is quite individual, my skills are firmly rooted in the traditions. I didn't know I was inventing new ways to quilt and applique. I did it because it was easier and the results were absolutely fantastic ­ thus Back to Front quilting and applique was born.

Explore and learn. Check out the books; Quilting Back to Front and Back to Front Applique. Or investigate the workshops and Virtual Gallery link where you will see a small selection of the hundreds of quilts I've made over the years.

Email me if you need more information: scouler@pnc.com.au