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My name is Patrick Wilfred Doyle.

I live in Colyton, an outer western suburb of Sydney, Australia.

This Web site is dedicated to explaining and dealing with the various aspects of elder abuse. "Elder Abuse" is a generic term for any pattern of behaviour which causes physical, psychological or financial harm to an older person. It is not a new phenomenon; it has only relatively recently been recognised and addressed in Australia. By its very nature, elder abuse is one of the most cruel, callous, insensitive, cowardly and heinous crimes.

This Web site was created as an awareness & educational exercise. Most of us were taught to love, honour and respect our elders. Most of us have been brought up to believe that when you helped someone there was no price tag attached. You did what you considered right without any thought of what the person you were helping could do for you.

I am very concerned that the current safeguards for the protection of the aged are far from adequate. Why should predators be allowed to prey on people when they are helpless, too trusting and incapable of defending themselves? The people who work in and manage retirement villages seem to think it happens too frequently. Would you like to comtemplate what could happen to our loved ones when they are old and helpless if we are unaware of these safeguards and/or if they are inadequate.

These predators usually pose as benefactors who at every opportunity profess to love the elderly. However their actions speak louder than words and they really only love that elderly, helpless and defenceless person's money.

The ball is in our court. We must not allow these predators to flourish. We can and must make a difference. We must show these predators that their chicanery will not be condoned. We must show them unambiguously that they will be held fully accountable to the full extent of the law. Your feedback and constructive criticism will be deeply appreciated.

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It is my ardent wish that we can all make this a living and vibrant Web site that will successfully help people who have been grievously treated and combat these sordid parasites.


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