Seized by Agreement, Swamped by Understanding

Lloyd Fell, David Russell & Alan Stewart (Eds.)
A collection of papers to celebrate
the visit to Australia in August 1994 by Humberto Maturana

ISBN 0-646-20084-4

Hawkesbury Printing, University of Western Sydney.
This book is out of print.

Prologue - Lloyd Fell, David Russell and Alan Stewart

Biology's Room With a View - Lloyd Fell and David Russell

An Introduction to "Maturana's" Biology - Lloyd Fell and David Russell

Living Systems - Autonomous Unities - Lloyd Fell and David Russell

Constructivism and Collaborative Enterprises - Alan Stewart

Maturana's Biology and Some Possible Implications for Education - Joy Murray

Non-Traditional R & D - Lloyd Fell and David Russell

Cybernetic Conversation - Alan Stewart

Social Ecology - Education and Research - David Russell

Some Reflections Upon Creative Thinking in the Nineties - John Graham

Greenhouse Climate Change and Social Change - David Russell

The Fuzziness of Communication - Vladimir Dimitrov and David Russell

Fuzzy Logic: A Key to Shared Wisdom - Vladimir Dimitrov and Judith Bihl Dimitrov

Stress, Epistemology and Feedlot Cattle - Lloyd Fell

Ancient Wisdom and Contemporary Ecological Problems - David Russell, Vladimir Dimitrov and Lloyd Fell

The Dance of Understanding - Lloyd Fell and David Russell 
This book is also available, in HTML format, on a major European website, Radical Constructivism. Thanks to Alexander Reigler for converting the original files and hosting them since 1998)