Artistic pursuits
Since 1984 I have incessantly created art works during periods of study (Bachelors Degree in Art Education) and teaching, and have had a significant number of exhibitions of my work.

The solo exhibitions I have had and the group shows I have participated in, have taken place in galleries, cafes, theatres, arts centres and exhibition centres.

In 1997 the pursuits of my art making began to become immersed within the context of football culture. This necessitated a concentrated reworking to my expectations as an artist and inevitably my art as well. A reworking that I have sought after long periods of painting in a manner that has varied in its search for a distinct style.

Individual works I have produced from my studio prior to and after 1997 have always been part of a series. The works featured on this site range from a series of twelve to five works of similar format. With each new football series I intentionally develop previous work. That is, I continue to work in the same medium, with basically the same images and similar backgrounds, but with different compositions and formats. I plan my work in a way that challenges my ability, and pushes my ideas on every occasion.
about artist D.A.SANT from newspappers
[ Newspaper articles 1995;1996. ]

Football Feva
June 1999

When planning each new football series I try to identify a source of influence that will give me the range I require when producing a series of five to twelve works. Some of the sources that have influenced my choice of composition and format for this current body of work are the football pennant, the football scarf, the club emblem, the patterns and colours of football club shirts and the presence of the sponsor name and/or logo on these shirts.