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Book Icon"A Green Philosophy of Chaotic Hope"
A collaborative project to grow a just and ecologically aware philosophical foundation for the World’s future.

This page also provides links to various thinkers and groups concerned about the future and the sort of world that will be left for our childrens' childerns. Each of these people have things to say that are worth considering, but by no stretch of the imagination would I personally concure with all of their propositions.
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Rupert Edwards LOGORupert Edwards an underground investigator with delusion of grandeur, inversely proportional to his diminutive stature. Site has links and other materials about the environment, activism, and submissions that people have written on Green issues. etc. etc.

These two (or the local equivalent near you) are well worth joining;-

NSW Greens LogoNSW Greens, the political party that champions;-
  -ecological sustainability
  -social equality and economic justice
  -grassroots democracy
  -peace, disarmament and non-violence.
      At the national / federal level is the Australian Greens.   A global perspective of the Greens' movement's history and contacts can be garnered from the international links.
EFA LogoThe Electronic Frontiers Australia organization, are the local defenders of cyberspace freedom.They deal with issues like;- Intellectual Property, Cryptography, Privacy, and Censorship on the net. Also their pages have lots of International news, conection and links to other like minded organisations.
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