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"The Demise of the Cognoscenti at the Anti-Rosetta"           25/5/2006 
 50.7  cm (h)  55.6  cm (w)  25.0  cm (d). 3.5 kg. 
Bronze,  Stainless Steel bolts, Aluminium bar & casting from an automatic transmission.

"Plutonium Tsunami"         20/6/2005  
 82.5  cm (h)  234 cm (w) 93.0 cm (d).  ~ 37 kg. 
Stainless Steel sheet & bolts, Aluminium & Bronze casting. Mild Steel square bar.

"Source"         28/5/2006   
 25.5  cm (h)  51.0  cm (w)  38.0  cm (d). 6.0 kg. 
Bronze, Stainless Steel bolts & Aluminium torque converter casting

"Revenge of the Desert Gods"   16/10/1993
120.0cm (h),75.0cm (w), 85.0cm (d), ~ 15kg.
Aluminium & Bronze, bolts Stainless Steel.



  AKNS Logo

Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System 2.0 ©.
The AKNS provides a liberating way for thinking about, then describing spatial relationships and movement. Not only for visual music but also kinetic-sculpture, virtual reality, robotic, anything where complex 3d movement must be planned !

SoHo Meseum Logo 6843

Index of Acrylic Paintings
A virtual exhibition of paintings 'Memories of the Hunt', by me (Shawn Gray) .



Everlasting to Everywhere
An virtual exhibition of my (Shawn Gray) unique bronzes
(not from, or repeatable, as editions).  .


Comic (strip), film story-board.


Design Theory pages



Artarmon Galleries






 High quality art foundry in Sydney Australia, casting Bronze (& Aluminium).





Other People & Their Links

Rather than plagerising somebody else's list of cool art links (which unfortunately seems to be becoming a somewhat common but lazy trend) I've included the following sites from many possibilities, because while being both great in themselves, (some really nice web-smithing), their circle of friends / networks of links refreshing reflect their individuality of taste and outlook!


  Hein Lass, a mechanical engineer by trade who first turned to photography as a hobby. Using the strong natural light of his home in South Africa, combined with his computing skills Hein does breath taking photo-montages exploring  esoteric subjects in series like "The Goddesses".

Artwise logo

Brett Curtis Weber
Brett from Philadelphia - USA, is both a scientist and an oil painter. The week before completing his Ph.D. in Neuroscience he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. All proceeds from sale of his paintings support scholarly research into Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.


 Ron Gang   Neo-impressionist oil paintings of colour and light, from Ron's home in the Negev Desert. The Acacia trees epecially are worth checking out..

Artwise logo

Robert Hague
Australian welded metal sculptor, Robert J. Hague's great sculpture site of his work, with some good resources, artist & gallery links.

A little bird.

Richard Collins', homepage easily the best general collection in cyberspace of information for sculptors and about sculpture. With links to numerous individual sculptors' homepages many in the USA, with others from farther afield.

Circular Maze Icon as Millennium Galery Logo.

Millennium Art Gallery
An intriguing Canadian virtual gallery with quite regularly changing modern art shows. Described as the official site of the Animatic Art Movement, which has origins in ancient shamanic process. The Manifesto turning about "A Global/Tribal Vision". The site also offers membership, that allows you contact with some of these interesting people.


Fotosearch Stock Photography & the Australian mirror.
A useful website that allows users to search from over one million images at one site, including photos of fine art.  Rather than trawling the web for numerous individual sources this website brings together lots of differnt suppliers of Stock Photography and Stock Film Footage with a common search tool.. Browsing through the library is free, and there are no access charges, registration requirements, or usage limits, a great reference / inspiration source.

Leon Engelen's cow

Leon Engelen
Leon is a Dutch oil painter using classical techniques in what I would call a romantic~realist tradition, doing landscapes with farm animals etc.. The site offers an extensive virtual gallery, a great collection of links, as well as a painting course,.

Lindsay face

The Desertqueen's tribute to Norman Lindsay.
Norman Lindsay was Australia's infamous romantic artist, scandalising the wowsers here between the wars, with his dreams of an Antipodean Arcadia. The Desertqueen's homepages are worth a visit for the peek at Sydney suburbia and general Australiana.

ArtOz logo

QuickSilver's trial-blazing Australian Virtual Gallery & Artist Run Spaces

Samuri on horseback

Electric Samuri
Homepage for Art and Culture of the Far East. Or the Electric Samuri's links to others in Japan and the rest of the world.

Merlin logo

Merlin Integrated Media
The company's homepage for great sites they either host or work with. Then there also is "outerspace few sites that Merlin finds interesting."





Grayx3 logo
To the family Homepage.

AuzGnosis Logo
To Shawn's company site, including (VRML) 3D virtual worlds & sculpture.


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