Everlasting to Everywhere


An virtual exhibition of unique bronze sculptures by Shaun Gray. Use the icons at the bottom of each page to navigate the site (The icons are described under the Help = Question-mark button>).



17.0 cm (h), 25.50 cm (w), 32.0 cm (d), 1.26 kg

 Black female nude leaning over backwards holding a ring above her head

"Virtual Reality"
 19.0 cm (h), 32.0 cm (w), 16.0 cm (d), 1.70 kg

 Black female nude flying from a Celtic knot pyramid

 Black female nude leaping a wall of Celtic keystone pattern

" Karma"
29.0 cm (h), 23.0 cm (w), 20.0 cm (d), 1.80 kg

 A long haired Black female nude flying from a twisted girder pole

" Hangin' in There"
31.0 cm (h), 18.50 cm (w), 34.0 cm (d), ~ 4.00 kg




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