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This is a remastered collection of painting mostly from my solo exibition "To Hunt Data in Arcadia" originally shown on the wed late 1995 in conjunction with the hardspace show of paintings and sculptures at the former bleeding-edge Sydney gallery 'Urban Exile'.


Jumping Jack Flash

 Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 1213 x (w) 1220

Hard Rain

 Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 1220 x (w) 1220

Merlin('s Last Ride)

 Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 750 x (w) 1215

Christ What a View

(Eli Eli lema sabachthant)Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 1120 x (w) 1120

Sacrifice to the Gnomes of New York

 Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 1545 x (w) 1200

Fin de Siecle Zeitgeist

 Acrylic on Canvas
(h) 1335 x (w) 830

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