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A little fearful critter peeking over the edge of a tube.
"Fear" Unique Bronze by Shaun Gray, © 9/6/97
{ 14.4 x 8.2 x 8.2 cm (hwd) 1.17kg. Lost Wax Casting with Brass Sleeve}

New improved!
Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System 2.0 ©.
The AKNS provides a liberating way for thinking about, then describing spatial relationships and movement. Not only for visual music but also kinetic-sculpture, virtual reality, robotics, anything where complex multi- dimensional movement must be planned !
Index of Acrylic Paintings
A virtual exhibition of paintings mainly from 'Memories of the Hunt', by me (Shawn Gray) .
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The start of a collection of links to people and groups Concerned for the Future / Politics & the Environment.

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AuzGnosis Pty. Ltd. (ACN 087569391) the company I have established to engage in the business of;- "Consultation, conceptionalization, and realization of programs, structures, images & systems." In other words anything creative from Knowledge Processing System to Sculpture and Virtual Reality.
     And as people keep asking for it a little bit about me, W. Shawn Gray

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People thought the pedestrian explanation was boring so we have dropped it for now.

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