Free In Christ

Free In Christ Ministries is a non-denominational Christian counter-cult ministry which has been raised up to provide the Christian Church and community in general with information about the Jehovah's Witnesses and other cults.

Free In Christ arranges supportive counselling for families and friends of cult members and former cult members themselves and conducts educational programs as a preventative measure through local Church, youth and school groups.

Free In Christ Ministries is a Christian Ministry and, as such, adheres to the fundamental tenets of historical Christianity. we confess Jesus Christ as our only Lord and Saviour, as 'God manifest in the flesh' and as the only 'Way, Truth and Life.' Whilst recognising and respecting the right of all to believe as they choose, Free In Christ Ministries speaks out and exposes any group, religious or secular, with a "hidden agenda" and employing deceptive, mind control techniques in order to recruit and hold members.

Free In Christ is financed solely through free-will contributions. No person working with this Ministry receives a wage or salary but, rather, volunteers his or her time freely.

The dove and cross is representative of freedom
   ... our belief is that complete freedom can only be
found in Jesus

If therefore the Son shall make you free,
you shall be free indeed.'

- John 8:36

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