Testimonies of Ex-Cult Members


Maureen - Maureen was raised from an early age as a Jehovah’s Witness and, as she shares through these pages, loyally upheld the dictates of the Watchtower leaders. Having served as a full-time ‘Pioneer minister’ for a number of years, she is in a good position to recount the many pressures a Witness endures.

Shane - I met Shane when he contacted the ministry and told me he needed help to leave the Watchtower Society. Leaving a cult is a hard both physically and mentally and folk who have made this decision need lots of caring love and patience.

Trudy - For three years now, we’ve wrestled with how to approach you about something which God has laid upon our hearts. People are curious about our decision to leave the Mormon church, yet at the same time they are uncomfortable discussing it with us. We hope and pray that you will read this with an open heart and mind.




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