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The house has been hit times since Jan '97

Johnny's Guardian - 268kb
Groovy techno peice with a trancy flavour, voice samples from the movie
"Johnny Mnemonic" - TECHNO

Sticks - 56kb
Another groovy soft instrumental - TECHNO

Diamond Sky - 65kb
Instrumental techno tune - TECHNO

Shy Angles - 68kb
My first peice of Jungle (feedback on this one would be nice). What can I say
melody, strings and plenty of percussion - JUNGLE

Robbery - 78kb
A little bit of drum n' bass, with a voice sample from the film "Pulp Fiction"

Tunes of '97

Spaceman Remix - 191kb
A remix of Babylon Zoo's "Spaceman" - TECHNO

Dangerous Love - 61kb
A soft easy to listen to tune, lots of strings - DANCE/TRANCE

Mortal Kombat Dance Mix - 292kb
A remix of the MK song from the movie composed in a dance style - DANCE

Mortal Kombat Industrial Mix - 364kb
This is a Drum n Bass mix, a lot more percussion than the first - TECHNO

Rave Two - 352kb
In the style of my earlier tune, Rave One, comes this master peice
if this doesen't make your body move, I don't know what will - TECHNO

Tunes of '96

Axel F 101kb
An Axel F remix, it's that simple - TECHNO

Judge - 122kb
An ok techno tune, nothing special - TECHNO

Plutonium 129kb
A techno peice with plenty of bass - TECHNO

Sweetness 142kb
A dance style tune - DANCE

Deep 159kb
Another better dance tune with samples from "Turn The Beat Around" - DANCE

Rave-One 338kb
A mad song to get you moving - TECHNO

Cyber Eyes 870kb
A damm big download but it is my best tune ever - TECHNO

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