Pick Your Own Fruit at

Bilpin Springs Orchard
Bells Line of Road, Bilpin
New South Wales.  Australia
This small commercial orchard is open for the public to pick fruit from our trees from Australia Day weekend to Queen's Birthday weekend, season permitting. Families enjoy showing their children where apples come from, and older folks remember days when everyone grew their own fruit. The orchard practises Integrated Pest Management to minimise the use of chemicals. Questions are welcome, and the fruit, of course, is absolutely fresh!
Availability of Apples in Year 2005
  Gravenstein   Late January   Late January
  Imperial Gala   Mid- February   to end February
  Jonathon   Mid-February   to late March
  Nashi (pears)   Late January, late February   to early March
  Braeburn   Late March  
  Red Fuji   Early April   to late April
  Pink Lady   May   to late May 
  Granny Smith   not available in 2005  

Perhaps the most popular are the tree-ripened Granny Smith apples, sweet, juicy and totally unlike those available from shops because you pick them when they are ripe in May. Bramley cookers mid-February.


Other Fruits in 2004/5 - 'Phone to confirm - (02) 4567 1294
  Stonefruit - Nectarines, plums,  apricots   Early December 
  Peaches, plums   Late January to March (Fragars late January)

Open Saturdays all day, Sundays from 12 noon.

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Last updated January 2005