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First published, 1993
Second issue, 1995
Copyright (c) 1993, 1995 by Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research,


The purpose of THE PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG RACKET is to alert readers to the poisonous nature of the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs, the incalculable damage these dangerous substances are having on public health and the debilitating impact this is having on our economy. It also covers the unethical and criminal activities engaged by the drug companies and those in their employ in pushing their chemical-based "treatments" onto the unwary public.

THE PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG RACKET is separated into two booklets - Parts One and Two. The latter pays particular attention to exposing the massive fraud in drug testing that ensures the survival and proliferation of this very dangerous and profitable industry. Part Two also lists a number of fraudulently tested drugs that have injured and killed thousands of victims.

The information contained is by no means extensive - it would take a number of books to do this - it mainly serves to introduce readers to the issues and as an encouragement to follow-up the many cited books and other references.

Unfortunately, because of the massive suppression of relevant information that challenges or threatens the "sickness care" industry, most of the important publications cited are not available from "conventional" sources. However, the available books and video listed inside the rear cover are some of the most informative sources on the subjects. Knowledge is your safest health insurance against a medical system that has gone terribly wrong - a system that has long ago been taken over by the pharmaceutical drug industry - an industry that has repetitively demonstrated itself to be the most dangerous, corrupt and ruthless of all industries.

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