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State to Impose Scientific Experimentation on Helpless Victims

Carers Of Protected Persons Action Group
Media Release - 3rd September 1997

A NSW Parliamentary Committee Inquiry Report has just recommended that people suffering from dementia, brain injury, stroke, mental illness, developmental delay or confusion be used, (as stated by the Hon Ian Cohen MLC in Parliament on 28/5/97), "as guinea pigs in scientific experiments".

Authority for this will be given to The Guardianship Tribunal with the added power to override the objections of any family member if they feel inclined to do so. People from 16 years and over who are unable to consent themselves could be subjected to surgical procedures, drug testing or the fitting of diagnostic devices. This could cover anything from lobotomies to vaccination to deep sleep therapy to sterilisation.

The Guardianship Amendment bill 1997 relating to clinical trialing goes directly against all relevant international Conventions on Human & Civil Rights that Australia is a signatory to.

The Parliamentary Committee received 58 submissions. The majority of these are known to have opposed this Bill and were made by families or groups of people who could be effected. These have been ignored !

Most of this Bill has already been passed into law and if the committee recommendations succeed in Parliament this month then experimentation on the most helpless members of our society by order of bureaucrats will be the accepted practice in Australia for generations to come.

C.O.P.P.A. GROUP (Carers of Protected Persons Action Group) Asks the NSW Parliament :-

"Do you fully realise the implications of the position you have taken? "

And to the people of Australia : -

"How much do you care about your future, the society around you and your country that would allow this heinous Act.?"

Please write to your State member urgently.

Speak to the media, your family doctor, your friends. This is not a time for apathy!

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