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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the TGA

by Joshua Shaw


Would you knowingly allow Drug Companies to control your marketing campaigns and your access to the public? A proposed new Advertising Code will drastically affect your business! This unfair legislation can wipe out your company!

Bionic Products Pty. Ltd., manufacturers and sellers of ELANRA negative ionisers, is taking a stand the proposed new code which may become a part of the Therapeutic Goods Act. This new code will suppress your right to complete fairly in an open market and can even result in the complete destruction of your business. Its vitally important you understand the implications and offer your support.

A Hearing at the Australian Competition Tribunal will take place in Sydney on 19th November 1997. Any person affected by this legislation can seek leave to intervene and to state their case in a court action scheduled for February 1998.


For the full document detailing the implications and offering legal analysis, contact Bionic Products Pty. Ltd. Phone (07) 5593 1122 P.O. Box 555, Robina QLD 4226

STOP PRESS 12 November 1997:

At a meeting instigated by the Proprietary Medicines Association at 10.30 today, Mr John Cable, a senior TGA executive, stated to our solicitor that the TGA's intention was now to bypass authorisation by the Australian Competition Tribunal and have the new code passed by Parliament without further discussion.

This is contrary to the stated policy of the former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health, Mr Bob Woods, who, in a media release in December 1996 stated that:

Health Professionals and consumers would have to be closely involved in the establishment of a code of conduct, which would also have to be endorsed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

At the Directions Hearing on the 19th November 1997 the Commonwealth Solicitor will be requesting an adjournment of the hearing to enable this legislation to be passed in Parliament before Christmas. At that time of the year, our ability to alert the media to the implications of this legislation will be almost impossible. If this legislation is passed, individuals and groups within the natural health care industry will be at the mercy of draconian legislation, and will have no avenue of appeal.

By the 1st December, politicians will be leaving for their Christmas break.

You must act now!!

Phone, write or fax your Federal Member today to register your protest against this dangerous legislation!

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