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Red Nose Day - The Controversy Deepens

Once again organisers of Red Nose Day are appealing to the public for more money towards research into sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) while denying them crucial findings. The National SIDS Council and its member organisations are also throwing away much of the previous years' donations on futile and wasteful research.

Why is it, that a medical practitioner who, for the eight consecutive years of his practice at Collarenebri, NSW, had eliminated the incidence of SIDS among children under his care in an area normally plagued by the problem, was denied a serious and fair investigation? By administering large doses of vitamin C, intramuscularly or intravenously, Dr Archie Kalokerinos had consistently achieved dramatic results in reversing the unexplained shock or unconscious stage of a potential SIDS victim. Furthermore, by supplementing the child's diet with this simple and safe vitamin the doctor was able to prevent further episodes. It was well-over 30 years ago where he had made the breakthrough. And what sort of response did Kalokerinos get? He reveals:

"With such a result one would expect other doctors to sit up and take notice. I was shocked to find that the reverse occurred. Doctors and authorities (and later SIDS organisations) not only ignored my work but became extremely hostile. Several times I was able to demonstrate to colleagues the dramatic reversal of the shock and unconscious stage. They remained hostile."

But why would they? Dr Kalokerinos had also discovered that the stepping up of childhood vaccinations in his area had greatly compounded the SIDS problem. He had made a clear connection between SIDS and vaccinations - the "sacred cow" of medicine! The legal consequences against the drug companies, medical profession and authorities could be staggering. Although there are official studies that claim to have found no SIDS-vaccine relationship, however, many of these were invalidated by yet another study which found that "confounding" had skewed their results in favour of the vaccine.

Overseas a similar story emerges which helps piece together this complex jigsaw puzzle known as SIDS. New Zealand forensic scientist Dr Jim Sprott and his colleague British scientist Dr Barry Richardson had discovered that babies have succumbed to SIDS after being inadvertently poisoned by gases emitting from the mattresses in their cots.

"These gases are phosphine, arsine, and stibine, all extremely toxic 'nerve gases'. They are produced by the action of the otherwise harmless fungus scopulariopsis brevicaulis on substances containing phosphorus, arsenic and antimony. These elements are often present in cot and other mattresses," explains Sprott.

Their findings were made public in Britain in mid-1989 and the SIDS rate started to fall immediately. It has continued to do so and is now 20 per cent of what it was six years ago and is still falling. Sprott and Richardson provided simple solutions to the problem - replace the mattress with a brand free of the offending chemicals, or properly wrap the mattress with an appropriate polythene sheeting.

Unfortunately, as with Kalokerinos they too were met with hostility by their respective country's health authorities and SIDS groups. And again, consumer products were implicated, and their manufacturers (not only mattress producers but also the chemical corporations) would be faced with the possibility of expensive class actions.

Not only do official SIDS groups ignore this evidence but they are also wasting much Red Nose funding on research that has no scientific relevance. Much SIDS research attempts to re-create SIDS in animals that do not suffer the condition.

Not only is an artificially re-created condition unlike that of the real affliction, the differences in histology, biochemistry, morphology, physiology, metabolic and other physical characteristics among animal species are so substantial that data obtained from animal experiments would be misleading and worthless.

While ever the medical and research professions, health authorities and SIDS organisations continue to look after their own interests and that of the industries they're protecting, we will never see satisfactory solutions to the SIDS problem.

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Published in the Spring 1996 issue of the CAFMR Newsletter.

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