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Last update on 28th February 2010

Following much information received from the UK on Treyton's ancesters and siblings. This information was received from a cousin, Gareth Thomas, and details can be found in his Tribal Web Page at (

Whilst I do not have the facilities to verify his information, I do have confidence in it, and include it with these comments & thoughts. (Thank you, Gareth)

This is a document containing some of the details of the Chrismas Family (and related families) as recorded in my family records. Where possible, I have listed my information sources. These can be viewed from the individual's "Person Sheet" (click on the name in the "Family Page", then on the source numbers found on the "Person Sheet".)

For living persons, their information on these pages is deliberately very limited to respect their privacy.

Due to limited web page space available to me, the details of some related families have been condenced to fit. It is probable that I have further information available.

If you find any errors, or have any further information, your advice will be much appreciated.

Should you wish to contact me, please use my e-mail as recorded below.

Note: There appear to be some duplicate names in the Index File - This is a quirk of the software that produced the internet files - please ignore these duplications where they occur.


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