Ford EF and EL
Positive Crankcase Ventilation[PCV] Valve Modification
To LP Gas Fuelled Vehicles

It has been reported to the Secretatiat by Mr Kerry Philpot of Boral Transport Maintenance Services that there have been small number of failures associated with the PCV valve on 6 cylinder Falcons which may lead to costly repairs.

The model Falcons affected are EF and the new El series. Both these model Falcons are fitted with plastic body PCV valves.

The failure of the PCV valve is due to severe "backfiring" which can occur in the engine when poor maintenance, aging of the electrical system or poor tuning are allowed to occur.When the engine backfires, the valve is subjected to an abnormal increase in pressure within the unit, forcing its internal components to become dislodged from the main valve body. The valve components will fall into the engine and may lodge in theengine valve train components and cause major and costly failures.

In one reported instance the PCV valve failurecaused the dislodgment of the camshaft timing chain which in turn caused the engine valves to hit the pistons due to the fact that the Falcon 6 cylinder engine is not a "free rotating engine".

It is strongly recommended that the plastic PCV valve be replaced at the time of conversion or at anormal service interval with a steel body constructed PCV valve number AEV13, available from Ford at a very small cost to the end user.

Reproduced with Permission of the ALPGA ,November 1996 TI96002