10 Year Recertification of Mytton Rodd LP Gas Cylinders
Fitted With Kargas Valves [1984-1988]

The ALPGA has been made aware of a practice which has been adopted by some cylinder retest stations when recertifying Mytton cylinders at the 10 year test period.

The practice involves replacing the standard Kargas multivalve with a non-standard valve requiring modifications which can lead to a dangerous situation. The Kargas valves are now difficult if not impossible to procure.

The substitute multivalve being fitted requires modification of the elastometric gasket that both seals the subcompartment and holds it in place. The original gasket is too thick to allow the multivalve to pull down to the tank boss to seal. One possible modification that has been noted is to "shave" some of the height off the gasket under the multivalve lugs to allow the valve to be pulled down to seal on the boss.

This type of modification and indeed any such modification may lead to unsatisfactory seating of the subcompartment allowing for possible leakages of LP Gas into the luggage area of the vehicle if a liquid line connection failure occurs and is therefore an unsafe practice.

The ALPGA has been advised that S.T.M. Auto Gas Tanks Pty Ltd of West Heidelberg , Victoria
[03] 9458 4411 recently commenced manufacturing stainless steel cylinders. They have also released a retest kit for the Mytton Rodd cylinders fitted with Kargas multivalves which consist of:
-Newly designed S.T.M. Multivalve
-Multivalve includes an Automatic Fuel Shut Off Device[AFSOD]
-Deeper new subcompartment so as to accomadate the AFSOD.
-Securing screws
-Fitting instructions.

The fitment of this "retest kit" will not require modification to extisting components ot the cylinder which in turn leads to a more satisfactory repair. This method of multivalve repalcement can also be carried out when the Kargas valve needs replacing due to a failure in its operation.

TI96001 reproduced by permission of the ALPGA.October 1996.