IMPCO FCV SHORT CIRCUIT
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It has come to our attention that a short circuit in a Fuel Control Valve 
(FCV) can cause damage to the output transistor inside the following
 Impco processors:
* AFCP-1 (Fuel Control Processor) "Gold Computer"
* ADP       (Adaptive Digital Processor) " Black Computer"
* CDP       (Commander Digital Processor) "Small Black Computer"

In almost all cases the "computer" is damaged beyond repair and within
a very short period of time.


Before fitting a new computer (AFCP-1,ADP or CDP ),we recommend
 the following to determine the condition of the Fuel Control Valve (FCV):

* Remove the connector/plug from the computer (ie AFCP-1,ADP 
or CDP).
* Check the resistance betweem the Yellow and Purple wires at the
          note : on CDP , this should be done at harness connector/plug.

* If the resistance is below 10 ohms the Fuel Control Valve (FCV) 
must be replaced with a new unit.

NOTE : The Commander Digital Processor comes complete with
 an FCV at no extra cost.

Contact Gas Parts on  02 892 1222 for further information.

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